Packers and movers Lucknow to Tamil Nadu

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Packers and movers from lucknow to tamil nadu Shifting services from Lucknow to Tamil Nadu

Why select packers movers for shifting from Lucknow to anywhere in India

Tamil Nadu is in the Southern part of India. We at have all type of Home (1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK and any type of House shifting), Vehicle (Bike, car, bus, Truck and any type of Transport shifting) and Corporate (office, machinery, plant, factory and any type of Commercial shifting) moving deals. Get packers and movers in Lucknow here. General language of Tamil Nadu is Tamil and Lucknow is Hindi, So you will find English as comman language always. Tamil Nadu is also called as Tamilnadu and Madras.

Packers movers shifting services in Lucknow

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Movers and packers Lucknow to Tamil Nadu

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Domestic rates for home shifting from Lucknow

City name1 BHK2 BHK3 BHK4 BHK
Lucknow to Chennai58,63284,1181,09,6031,35,088
Lucknow to Coimbatore68,32397,9621,27,6001,57,239
Lucknow to Madurai71,7041,02,7911,33,8781,64,966
Lucknow to Tiruvarur67,77697,1801,26,5841,55,988
Lucknow to Vellore59,61285,5181,11,4241,37,329
Lucknow to Tambaram59,25885,0111,10,7641,36,518
Lucknow to Nagapattinam67,71297,0891,26,4651,55,842
Lucknow to Thoothukudi75,9641,08,8781,41,7911,74,704
Lucknow to Thanjavur67,87997,3281,26,7761,56,224
Lucknow to Kanchipuram59,78685,7661,11,7461,37,726

Domestic rates for vehicle shifting from Lucknow

City nameBikeCarBusTruck
Lucknow to Chennai3,46416,19134,01484,985
Lucknow to Coimbatore4,01818,68339,27598,552
Lucknow to Madurai4,21119,55241,1101,03,285
Lucknow to Tiruvarur3,98718,54238,97897,786
Lucknow to Vellore3,52016,44334,54786,358
Lucknow to Tambaram3,50016,35234,35485,861
Lucknow to Nagapattinam3,98318,52638,94397,697
Lucknow to Thoothukudi4,45520,64843,4231,09,250
Lucknow to Thanjavur3,99318,56939,03497,931
Lucknow to Kanchipuram3,53016,48734,64186,601

Domestic rates for corporate shifting from Lucknow

City nameOfficeMachineryPlantFactory
Lucknow to Chennai50,6034,09,7228,17,81216,33,992
Lucknow to Coimbatore59,1864,79,2199,56,52919,11,149
Lucknow to Madurai62,1805,03,46310,04,92020,07,835
Lucknow to Tiruvarur58,7014,75,2969,48,69818,95,503
Lucknow to Vellore51,4714,16,7528,31,84516,62,030
Lucknow to Tambaram51,1574,14,2078,26,76516,51,880
Lucknow to Nagapattinam58,6454,74,8369,47,78118,93,671
Lucknow to Thoothukudi65,9545,34,01710,65,90721,29,687
Lucknow to Thanjavur58,7934,76,0369,50,17618,98,456
Lucknow to Kanchipuram51,6254,17,9978,34,33016,66,995

Home shifting services from Lucknow to Tamil Nadu rates

Lucknow to Coimbatore 1 BHK shifting services in 68,323 60,125/- Rs

Lucknow to Madurai 2 BHK shifting services in 1,02,791 90,457/- Rs

Lucknow to Chennai 3 BHK shifting services in 1,09,603 96,451/- Rs

Lucknow to Chennai 4 BHK shifting services in 1,35,088 1,18,878/- Rs

Relocate vehicle from Lucknow to Tamil Nadu charges

Bike shifting services Lucknow to Madurai in 4,211 3,706/- Rs

Car shifting services Lucknow to Coimbatore in 18,683 16,442/- Rs

Bus shifting services Lucknow to Chennai in 34,014 29,933/- Rs

Truck shifting services Lucknow to Chennai in 84,985 74,787/- Rs

Moving corporate to Tamil Nadu from Lucknow prices

Lucknow to Chennai office packers and movers in 50,603 44,531/- Rs

Lucknow to Coimbatore machinery packers and movers in 4,79,219 4,21,713/- Rs

Lucknow to Coimbatore plant packers and movers in 9,56,529 8,41,746/- Rs

Lucknow to Madurai factory packers and movers in 20,07,835 17,66,895/- Rs

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As we know that shifting is a single word with a lot of hectic tasks. There are so many things which you should be done in a perfect way. My shifting from Lucknow to Tamil Nadu was amazing with the help of moving services. I had shifted last month and hired packers and movers for it. They are really reliable and amazing in their work. Almost all the tasks were done by them. At last, They shifted all the things on time without any damage. I really appreciate them for their services.
K. Baalaji
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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